At Boogaloo we produce boards that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Our goal is to build eco friendly broads using sustainable materials and produce boards that are faster, stronger and last a hell of a lot longer than the conventional board.

We want our boards to be past down from parent to child and not end up in landfill within a year. 

The boards are built using a unique parabolic rail system from paulownia timber. This method  adds a huge amount of strength  to the boards and allows different  more sustainable materials to be used for the  core and skins.

Hollow wooden board Kits. 

All the kits are cut using a CNC machine so any shape or size Imaginable can be made. If you’re computer savvy you can use AKU shaper or any other design software and send it to us and we will post a kit out ready to build. For any information or help with the design of the board get in touch any time.


Both timber and foam blanks can be purchased from us. We are Distributors for marko foam blanks and vince balsa wood blanks. Please see below for more details. If you would like to place an order please get in touch.

Marko foam is a long standing california company constantly advancing in the production of high performance, environmentally friendly surfboard blanks. There long term plan is to refocus  the surf board manufacturing process in to a more sustainable and innovative industry. The very same goals are shared at Boogaloo. 

Vince surf boards are one of a kind works of art. They are grown sustainably in Java and are one of the most environmentally friendly boards a surfer could ride. The workmanship is of such high quality that they come with a life time guarantee. In the disposable culture we are consumed with a life time guarantee is a very rare thing.

We are privileged to be a distributor of such amazing boards. 

The boards can be bought complete and ready to surf, or as blanks.